Hi! My name is Tibor.

I’m a producer. My job is to find creative people around me and to help them out with the business part of the equation.

I develop strategies and find funding, connect artists with other artists and try my best to build an audience for their projects.

My fields of expertise are film and video production. I am also quite versed in all sorts of marketing stuff for technology companies and everything related to culture.

My personal interests outside the art scene include emerging technologies, environmental science, politics, design, architecture, space exploration, IT startups and the future of the human society.

I’m working with Restart, as a producer and a production manager. We do mostly creative documentary but are branching out into TV and fiction.

If you feel we have something in common or would like to see more of my work, feel free to contact me.


Tibor Keser
mail: hi@tiborkeser.com
mobile: 00385 98 808 988
twitter/facebook: tkeser

Thanks for stopping by!